How to get Madden NFL 18 coins fast, cheap and safe?

When madden NFL 18 new changes were revealed for the first time then even experienced players of sports video games were not able to consider them to be true. Though most of them were not very hopeful about its success still the expected it to be very exciting game this year.

In this game, this year no cover was provided to Tom Brady, the most decorated and accomplished quarterback in league’s history. But it is not much important for gamers as it is not going to affect the gameplay or visual features of this video game. You should go through the changes made in the features of NFL18 so that you may not make any mistake while playing it.

What about Madden 18?

You can play Madden NFL 18 on these platforms:

madde nfl 18 ps4 cover madden nfl 18 xbox one G.O.A.T. edition

This time EA does not provide the Madde NFL 18 on PS3 or Xbox 360, but uou also can play Madden NFL game on your phone:

madden nfl mobile game

View Madden NFL mobile game in Itunes

View Madden NFL mobile game in Google Play

View the Madden NFL Mobile Gameplay

Madden NFL 18 Features

  • Frostbite engine: NFL18 is provided with new game engine, Frostbite, which was earlier used with NFL17. Its performance in previous game was not exciting so you can hope that it can improve the gameplay and visuals this time.
  • Play Now Live: This feature of this year’s game provides you the ability to play this with the right chart adjustments as per the real time schedule. This game also has two bullet pointed features Play Now Live’ and Play the best real world NFL matchups each week’ that allow you to copy the shows of exhibition mode of MLB games. This feature is expected to give you better gaming experience this year.
  • Story Mode: A new story mode was revealed in the first trailer of NFL18. Though it was like the story mode of NFL17 but it can be the best story mode for single players. EA Sports has always tried to make these story modes better than before.
  • Target Passing: It is the new feature added by EA Sports in NFL18 to make it better than NFL17. It will allow your players to throw the ball at the right position on the field. It will also provide you complete control on throwing the ball. Though it may not be easy for the beginners but they should be given a chance to use this feature unless they give up playing this game.

About Madde 18 coins

Coins still layed an important role. To enhance the strength of your team, enhance the player’s ability to evolve more powerful players, set up a strong team. These require players to pay a lot of Madden 18 coins.

Farm Madden 18 coins is very boring and need players consume a lot of time. So there are a lot of players buy Madden coins online. But there is a question:

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